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insane-wow 2.4.3 (200 levels)
200 levels 
We are glad to announce the final touches to the first part of our FunRealm are ready.
-Instant Max level, no more annoying leveling.
-Guiding quest which help you find the vendors/creature you need at any point of your journey.
-Each quest gives you a reward which will be helpful to you at the time being or in the long run.
-Tier 1 is easy but takes a minute to get it all setup, but if following the quests you get it quite faster.
-Tier 2 - World open instance with quests that allow you to gather the gear easily.
-All of the in-game items that are not custom made alongside some custom made are looted from the Trasmog Instances (AQ and Temple of AQ).
These instances are soloable and are made only for Trasmog perpouses, so when you are bored and tired of gearing up. Just go there and farm some cool items.
-Active staff members as well as Admins online quite often.
-Balanced PvP to a point as we will have some addtional edits done.
Coming in the following week:
-Teir 3 is already made but we will give you some time to get to Teir 2 and get to know our project until we release it the following week.
-Tier 4 which will be release either one or two days following the release of Tier 3.
-New quests alongside instances and coins you can farm for great rewards.
-World bosses which will drop nice rewards but will not be soloable for everyone.
Coming later:
- We are working on Tier 5 - Tier 6 and Tier 7 so that everyone can constantly improve.
- VIP will be coming as well with some VIP perks that will not make it a MUST option.
- Cool Events as soon as out population increases.
- Every achievemnt in online players will reward players with special gifts.
- GameMaster applications will be open as soon as we hit 20 online players as we will need some addtional help in the server.
- Forum with information and Guides.
- A Discord server will be made and an invite link will be provided in the wolrd so that everyone can join and have a direct contact to each player and even the Owners.
We are really glad that we can announce the release of the fun realm as well as the upcoming improvements to our server.
Best Regards,
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Форум » Пиратские Сервера WoW » Обычные сервера WoW » insane-wow 2.4.3 (200 levels) (http://insane-wow.org/)
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